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Why enroll in this Program?

The Branding for Doctors Program is designed for healthcare professionals and their UNIQUE NEEDS with respect to branding, time and liability. We know you don’t have a ton of time, so we take the enormous sea of branding, social media and news training information out there, mixed with 2 decades of experience and parse it down into bite-sized chunks of the most HIGH-YIELD information!

Led by a Physician-Journalist

Dr. Ty, the Branding & Media Coach has been on both sides for decades — both as a reporter/editor/producer and as a physician-expert in the trenches. She gives dozens of in-person lectures and workshops on these topics every year. Her company, Doctor Ty Media has also done public relations support for start up physician practices, including social media ghostwriting.

Here's what you'll get:

Three modules geared to get you started on your journey!

  • Find your Niche, Create and Grow your Brand

    You will learn the steps to figuring out your unique offering, who your target audience is, how to reach them, and design ideas for how your brand will consistently look and feel. Most importantly, you will have a plan on how to monetize your brand in a way that benefits you and your career.

  • Using Social Media to Further Your Brand

    you will have a better idea of which social media outlets to focus on for your brand, how to use each social media outlet you choose, and how to create effective posts and graphics without losing tons of time!

  • Preparing for News Exposure: Written interviews, on-air interviews, or writing articles yourself

    By the time you finish this last module and the exercises, you’ll be much more prepared for your next news interview, podcast or Facebook Live video. You will also be able to write for a lay audience to help further your brand, or for use with content marketing.

You Need a Brand -- Whether you Like it or Not

Here’s the deal — whether you are building your career as an expert within medicine or outside of medicine, one thing is true… you cannot getting around building a brand and marketing it effectively. Even academic promotions are based on your portfolio which is just a fancy presentation of your brand as an educator.

This program is meant as a launching pad for wherever the health professional wants to go next — whether it’s strictly creating a strong brand as a clinician, creating buzz for a side gig, selling a product, starting a non-profit, being an on-air expert, or growing a private practice, this Program will help you understand the branding journey and how to create an effective strategy to get there.

Here's what you'll be able to do:

After completing the Branding for Doctors Program, you'll be ready to kick off and grow your brand effectively -- and earn more profits, attract more patients, increase your exposure, and sell more of your products.

  • Turn your idea into a popular brand, complete with an actionable strategy

  • Determine your target audience & how to reach them

  • Select the best social media outlets for your particular brand

  • Save time and further your brand with these social media tips & tricks

  • Look & sound your best on your next news interview

  • Avoid getting into hot water with a reporter's questions

  • Learn how to write articles yourself for a mainstream audience

This Program is Great For:

  • Busy health professionals

    Busy health professionals who have a great idea, but no time to start from scratch. This course walks you through creating your own brand strategy, and the best ways to execute it without taking over your life.

  • Practice Practice Owners

    Those either starting their practice or simply looking to create a brand for themselves either locally or nationally in order to attract more patients.

  • Health Professionals with a Product to Sell

    This program outlines the steps you need to build a brand for your "side gig" brand, and do it effectively without detracting from your main career.

  • Health Professionals Looking to Earn Extra Money

    Those with a unique talent, but not sure how it can be monetized. The course walks you through how to turn your skills into dollars in a strategic manner.

  • Looking to DIY

    Maybe you have a limited marketing budget. Maybe you’re not ready for full-blown public relations representation to the tune of $10k a month. Maybe you have SOME branding and social media skills, and you simply want to learn more and put them to use.

About Dr. Ty

Physician | Branding & Media Coach | Author | Journalist

Branding & Media Coach

Dr. Tyeese Gaines

Dr. Tyeese Gaines is a branding & media coach for health professionals, after earning her master's in journalism and having an 19-year news career with print and online outlets. She also incorporates her marketing and entrepreneurship experience in her coaching, gained through professional experience and while earning her MBA from UNC Kenan-Flagler. Dr. Ty has coached more than 1,000 health professionals and medical students on TV interviews, branding, social media and public speaking through 1-on-1 sessions, lectures, and both virtual and in-person workshops. Read more about Dr. Ty at

What People Are Saying

Mary Tate, MD

"With Dr. Ty's help, I have already published my first article. I would highly recommend this program to both physicians and medical students interested in medical journalism."

American Medical Association Physician Leader

"The Branding Session was eye-opening. I had no idea how I could control how other's perceive me and my practice... some simple techniques that I could implement right now."

Aldwin Soumare, OMS-4

"Dr. Ty has tremendously changed the scope through which I see writing. Her tutorials are innovative, thought-provoking and insightful."

Don't fall victim to these common myths.

  • Myth No. 1

    "If I build it, my customers will eventually just find me."

  • Myth No. 2

    "I don't need social media to sell myself, my product or service. I'm too private of a person."

  • Myth No. 3

    "I'm a natural -- I don't need to practice before talking to a reporter."


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